Bull Ride 5

Mechanical Bull – New Orleans

New Orleans is a place I’ll love to visit again, it’s the only place where my appetite has ever ben piqued. Their food ranged from exotic seafood to delicious jambalaya. I could not wrap my head around the delightfulness of it all and since my return I have been in a state of New Orleans induced-withdrawal. A few weeks ago, I journeyed there for the Microsoft TechEd conference and I was opportuned to experience life New Orleans style! The streets were so alive and the air itself was imbued with pleasant music , ranging from live bands to soloists performing. I had tons of fun! I also made sure to ride the mechanical bull once we got to the bar, and this man here emerged champion of the night! (The fact I left with a broken finger is unimportant)
P.S – Check out the YouTube video after the photos.

Thanks to Michelle who took my pictures and video recorded by Mike.



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