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Stella weds Gbenga

I was really excited when my friend, Gbenga,walked up to me on a cheery afternoon and said these words “PaOsin, I would like you to take my wedding pictures”, at that moment nothing else could have sounded better!
The wedding was a splendid affair and if I were a scribe it would totally be penned down in the “historical archives”! :D
From the fabulous fall garden vow exchange to the exquisite reception decor, eclectic music, and comforting food, it was all simply wonderful!
I am glad I was a part of your special day guys! Happy married life – Uzo & Gbenga!

20 thoughts on “Stella weds Gbenga”

  1. femi this is awesome, i like everything about the pics, the people who appeared in it and the person who made all who appeared in it look great. good job, may God bless amnd increase u.

  2. Praise the Lord, this was a great surprise to me, not that the beautiful couple got married but that i missed the wedding.
    I always knew they will make it to the altar, they are one couple i always admire in church.
    May the good Lord bless your union abundantly, please keep the flame of love between the two of you burning because i do see the light of the Lord shinning between you both.
    Am very proud and happy for you, God bless and keep you. Amen.
    Love you.

  3. Femi, you did a wonderful job, i pray you’ll be available when i need you and that the Lord should continue to bless your work.
    Beautifully done.
    God bless you.

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