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One happy Introduction – Yinka & Segun

I was recently given the opportunity to photograph at Yinka and Segun’s introduction. It was a short and elegant ceremony where the two families met and prayed for the couple. The bride-to-be was gleeful and she had an aura of happiness about her. Love was something you did not need to look for, from the shared glances and smiles, it was pretty obvious! Thank you guys, it was a pleasure…many blessings!

12 thoughts on “One happy Introduction – Yinka & Segun”

  1. Aww congratulations oloruko mi! im so xcited and happy for u.

    u are so beautiful, congrats to the lucky gentleman!


  2. Awwwww…look at my Yinkus Babe… Congrats again..o ma ri adun nibe ooo..the Lord Almighty will uphold your union…Luv u

    Femi … good job, the pics r lovely..

    I see Aunty B n Ugo in action ..lol

  3. Nice doumentary PaOsin!!! you are getting better by the day :) i love the picture of Pastor Ojo. It is so him… welldone!!

    Sister Y your smile is contagious, i was grining throughout!

  4. awwwww the pics are so beautiful, and the couples look so happy. Yinka looks stunning….I am so happy for u Yinka and I pray God continues to bless your union. PaOsin well done….na u biko

  5. Yinka, you look soooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!! Mm mm mm!!! Na you biko! After you, nobody else oh :-) lol. I hope the wedding is in B’more (or at least in Yankee sha). Congrats!

    Femi, you’ve done a terrific job once more :-)

  6. My big sis, Congratulation!!!! I am so Happy for you. Uncle Segzy & Sis Yinka, you guys look so good! can’t wait till you start popping babies

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