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A Glorious Wedding – Funmi & Akin

While most couples commemorate only their union on their wedding day, Funmi and Akin got a double celebration: their wedding and Akin’s birthday. The wedding ceremony between Akin and Funmi was simply enchanting, everything from the bright pink dresses of the bridesmaids to the lime green dresses of the flower girls. Family and close friends of the couple complimented the wedding theme by adorning complete traditional outfits of similar colors. It was a perfect blend between the couple and their guests, and shooting could not have been made easier. Between the blushing face of the bride, the beaming face of the groom, and the joyous screams of the guests, the celebration could have gone on till the next day — and when the live band came on, it did feel like the party was not going to end. It was my pleasure shooting Funmi’s and Akin’s wedding, and if renewing their vows each year for my pleasure weren’t too much to ask, I would ask them to

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