Christelle weds Maurice

My sincere appreciation to Omojesu of, who let me be his assistant photographer for Christelle and Maurice’s special day. You could feel the love in the air as the couple tied the knot! The wedding was just packed with fun and not only did I enjoy myself but I also learned a lot of shooting techniques! Thanks again Funmi!

4 thoughts on “Christelle weds Maurice”

  1. Yay I’m F1RST…… *dancing yahoozee* nicely documented.My favorite is the cutting of the cake picture. I love the emotions you captured. The groom looked very very happy! love it!!


  2. Oh wow.. He is one happy Groom. he appears so in love, and she’s gorgeous as well… Of course, I’m sure she’s happy too, but it’s not everyday you see a happy groom in pictures. I love this!!

    Captured very well.. :-)

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