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Motunrayo & Seun – Love in the garden

Love is in a garden called Brookside Gardens. Not just any type of love… but the precious one shared by Motunrayo and Seun… Motunrayo with her powerful smile and great energy, together with cool Mr. Seun, rocked the whole garden with their mini photoshoot.

Can’t wait to shoot this lovely couple in few days :) , Congratulations in advanced!

Don’t forget to watch the video made by Olu Adewunmi (Link to video below)

Link to video

4 thoughts on “Motunrayo & Seun – Love in the garden”

  1. What a wonderful and powerful set of pictures. This issssssssss Awesome and indeed it is Awesome. Love you two sooooo much and I pray the love of God continually abounds in your marriage. Amen

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