Omnia & Mohamed – A Sudanese & Somali Wedding

Congrats to my beautiful Sudanese and Somali couple- Omnia and Mohamed. As they tied the knot, surrounded by friends and family, the occasion was overflowing with much love and joy.
I could not have enjoyed myself better; shooting their wedding and eating their food :)
Thank you guys for making me a part of your wonderful day.

Some how, Mohamed reminds me of Obama. Lol :)

20 thoughts on “Omnia & Mohamed – A Sudanese & Somali Wedding”

  1. Femi, we were honored to have you! Thank you so much for your patience with all the group and family pictures and my constant fits of laughter. These pictures are only a taste of all the great pictures you took at our wedding. Mohamed and I are infinitely grateful! Much love!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful couple mA. May Allah swt bless your union and make your love grow stronger each day. <3

  3. Have seen lots of wedding pictures but this is incredible!simply amazing!!! This photographer must be a genius.Plus the bride is full of happiness. May Allah bless the couple.

  4. the instant i saw omnia on pin interest photos i went crazy. she looked elegant and sweetest…the hijjab looked great on her and the couple matches.
    i would love to know how the lady in black dress did her head piece.i loved it and she looked amazing.
    please reply through my email.
    i will be grateful.
    and hey! i adore the last poise of the couple.

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