Engagement Sessions Tips

“Why do couples do engagement sessions?”

Engagement sessions have become very popular in the wedding process as couples are using these photos as a way to announce their special engagement. I personally LOVE shooting engagement sessions. It is a great way for me to get to know my couples and for them to get to know me. Most people don’t have professional photos taken often so it’s also a wonderful opportunity for them to get comfortable with the camera and the way I work. Most sessions last 2 hours so it allows time for creative freedom and for us to just have some good ole’ fun. Plus you get to hang out with me – j/k =).
“So what do we wear?”
This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions. Honestly, there’s no right answer. Every couple is different with their own unique story, personalities and style. I like couples to be comfortable in their clothes because when they are uncomfortable it shows on camera. Having said that though, a high pair of heels will make a women’s legs look longer and give her better posture for photos. So sometimes the pain is definitely worth it =). Being five feet tall myself, I know I definitely need a good pair of heels =).
To make it a little easier, here are some clothing do’s and don’ts based on my experience:
DO think about the setting and atmosphere where we are shooting. For example, avoid wearing really dark colors if we are going to the beach where everything is bright, light and natural.

DON’T wear something that will match the background exactly. If we are shooting at a park, I’d probably avoid wearing green.

DON’T try to be TOO matchy-matchy. I know the other person completes you, but you don’t have to both wear white shirts with khakis and brown sandals.

DO try to come complimentary with your partner though. If you are dressed up, make sure he or she is also dressed up. It doesn’t work when you are wearing a ball gown and he is wearing a basketball jersey and sneakers.

DON’T wear too many prints. YOU want to be the one that stands out, not your shirt.

DON’T wear something you might regret seeing in a few months. Try to stay away from a look that is too trendy.

DON’T wear something that you might not want your parents to see. Avoid the I’m-going-to-a-club-after look or I-can’t-sit-down-because-my-skirt-is-too-short look.

DON’T think that Photoshop is the solution to all. If your skirt is too short, I can’t make it longer in Photoshop. If your dress is white but you wished it were blue, I won’t change it in Photoshop.

Here are some of my favorite clothing looks over the years:

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